The CNY Folksmarch is a recreational, non-competitive walking group. A folksmarch is a non-competitive walking event conducted monthly for people of all ages and abilities in Central New York. Folksmarching began in 1981 under the leadership of the YMCA of Greater Syracuse and has been conducted every month since then. In January 2017, the CNY folksmarch became an independent non-profit organization.

Walk Basics

There are three ways to participate in the Folksmarch program.

  1. Purchase an Annual Pass for $40 – An annual pass for 12 monthly walks costs $40, 12 walks for the cost of 10. Annual Pass holders are members of CNY Folksmarch, they receive an Annual Passport, they will receive an annual pin at the end of the year, they have the right to vote at the annual meeting and they are eligible to participate in any Folksmarch trips.
  2. Purchase an Annual Passport for $10 – Annual Passport holders are members of CNY Folksmarch and have the same benefits as Annual Pass holders as listed above except they will pay $4 per walk that they participate in.
  3. Pay for Walks Separately – Anyone is welcome to participate in the monthly walks. They are not members of CNY Folksmarch, do not receive an Annual Passport, do not have a vote at the annual meeting and are not eligible to participate in Folksmarch trips. If anyone not a member of CNY Folksmarch wants to participate in a trip, they may purchase an Annual Passport at that time.

2017 Monthly Walking Rates

  • First timers – FREE
  • Adults – $4.00
  • Youth 6-18 – $1:00
  • 5 and under – FREE
  • Family $9:00 (maximum)


Folksmarchers are encouraged to purchase an annual passport. The passport serves as their membership card as well as a place to document their walks for the year. Members receive a new passport each year. If someone decides to not become a member, they can use their old passport until all the boxes are filled.